• Hebatallah Elwa


  • I’m interested in epigenetics, reproductive senescence, sperm biology and congenital infections.


    M.Sc. – Syracuse University, 2013 – present

    M.Sc. – Microbiology and Immunology, Cairo University

    B.S. – Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cairo University

    Research Interests:

    My dissertation characterizes the effects of paternal aging on the quality of sperm and the subsequent impact on male fertility and eventually the resulting offspring. To address this research question, I am using Drosophila melanogaster a.k.a. fruit flies as a model system. Young and old male fruit flies are used to assess the paternal aging effects on sperm phenotype, sperm use efficiency and behavior within the female reproductive tract as well as to identify the possible mechanisms mediating these effects. The next phase of my project, therefore, will be to do proteomic analysis of sperm proteins extracted from the seminal vesicles of young and old fruit flies.