• KirillB_01

    Kirill Borziak


  • I’m interested in computational genomics, integration of omics approaches and evolution, and genotype/phenotype association.”


    Postdoctoral Fellow – Syracuse University 2012 – present

    Ph.D. – Genome Science and Technology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, University of Tennessee, 2012

    B.S. – Biochemistry/Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Tennessee, 2007

    Research Interests:

    My research focus is genomic analysis of sperm length variation, particularly sperm gigantism, in Drosophila.  Using a genome-wide approach we are looking at the association between evolutionary rates and sperm tail length across the genus Drosophila using a Bayesian Monte Carlo approach.  Identifying specific genes under selection for this widely variable phenotype will allow us to further understand the biology of sperm flagellum elongation and the developmental processes within and of the testis that allow for and accommodate long sperm tails.  My proteomic research includes the analysis of mouse sperm across 3 species and its variation in response to increased sperm competition, and analysis of red jungle fowl seminal fluid and its variation with age, sperm quality, and the Coolidge effect.  Additionally, I am investigating the genome-wide clustering of testis genes in Drosophila melanogaster, the interplay between local chromatin domain and gene clusters, and their effect of insertion and maintenance of retrogenes.