The CRE gratefully acknowledges the following sources of research support:


CRE research is currently funded by …

    • A generous gift by Mike and Jane Weeden to Syracuse University
    • National Science Foundation: DEB-1354259, Understanding the evolutionary transition between annual and perennial life history strategies (PI: J. Friedman). 2014-2017.
    • National Science Foundation: IOS-1501328, DISSERTATION RESEARCH: The evolution of alternative mating tactics in the yellow dung fly (Co-PI: B. Gress; PI: S. Pitnick) 2015-2018.
    • National Science Foundation: DEB 1546106, EAGR: Mechanisms of sexual selection in plants with different reproductive strategies (PI: J. Friedman). 2016-2018.
    • National Science Foundation, Graduate Research Fellowship (PI: C. McDonough). 2015-2018.
    • National Institutes of Health, NIGMS RO1-GM110258, Investigating de novo gene evolution Drosophila melanogaster. (PI: D. Begun; Co-PI: S. Dorus). 2015-2019.
    • National Institutes of Health, NICHD R21-HD088910, Sperm motility and molecular interactions in the reproductive tract (PI: S. Dorus; Co-PIs: S. Pitnick, J. Belote and M. F. Wolfner) 2017-2019.
    • National Science Foundation: DEB-1655480, Sperm-female interactions and the molecular life history of male gametes (PI: S. Dorus; Co-PIs: S. Pitnick, J. M. Belote, M. F. Wolfner) 2017-2020.

Awards Pending …

    • National Science Foundation: EAGR: Drosophila evolutionary phenomics: Public resource to support genotype-phenotype studies (PI: S. Pitnick; Co-PIs: S. Dorus, N. Clark) 2018-2020. Pending.