• List of transformed lines
    (fluorescent-tagged protamines)
    (Belote & Pitnick Labs)

    Transformation vectors used:

    pW8 = P-element vector with w+ (red eye) marker (Klemenz, et al., 1987)

    pB{PUbnlsEGFP} = piggyBac vector with constitutive Ubiquitin-EGFP marker (Handler and Harrel, 2000)

    pBac3xP3-EGFPaf = piggyBac vector with eye-speci c 3xP3-EGFP marker (Horn and Wimmer 2000)

    D. melanogaster Protamine genes [(Jayaramaiah Raja and Renkawitz-Pohl (2005)]

    ProtA = D. melanogaster Protamine A gene (also known as Mst(2)35Ba)

    ProtB = D. melanogaster Protamine B gene (also known as Mst(2)35Bb)

    If chromosome linkage is known, the chromosome is given at the end in parentheses (e.g., w ; P{w8, ProtA-DsRed-monomer, w+}1A(3) means the transgene is on chromosome 3)

    I. D. melanogaster lines

    Stocks in w1118 white-eye background:

    Prot-RFP lines

    • w ; P{w8, ProtA-DsRed-monomer, w+}1A(3)
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-DsRed-monomer, w+}16D(2)
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-DsRed-monomer, w+}50A(3)

    Prot-GFP lines

    • w ; P{w8, ProtA-EGFP, w+}19A(2)
    • w ; P{w8, ProtA-EGFP, w+}19B(3)
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-EGFP, w+}75A(3)
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-EGFP, w+}27A(X)
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-EGFP, w+}27A(X); CyO / Bl
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-EGFP, w+}27A(X); TM3, Sb pp e / TM6B, Hu Tb e ca

    Stocks in LHm wild-type background:

    Prot-GFP lines

    • LHm pBac{Ubnls-EGFP, ProtB-EGFP}6A (3)
    • LHm pBac{Ubnls-EGFP, ProtB-EGFP}4A (3)

    Prot-RFP line

    • LHm BC-6 P{w8, ProtB-DsRed-monomer, w+}50A(3)

    Stocks in CantonS wild-type background:

    Prot-GFP lines

    • CantonS pBac{3xP3-EGFP, ProtB-EGFP}27 (2)
    • CantonS pBac{3xP3-EGFP, ProtB-EGFP}16B (3)

    II. D. simulans lines

    Prot-GFP line

    Stock in wild-type background

    • w+ ; pBac{3xP3-EGFP, ProtB-EGFP}11B

    Prot-RFP line

    Stock in w- background

    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-DsRed-monomer, w+}3A

    III. D. mauritiana lines Stocks in w- background

    Prot-GFP lines

    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-EGFP, w+}8A
    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-EGFP, w+}22A

    Prot-RFP line

    • w ; P{w8, ProtB-DsRed-monomer, w+}13A

    IV. Tribolium castaneum lines

    (Droge-Young, E. M., J. M. Belote, G. S. Perez and S. Pitnick (2015) submitted)

    All lines in peach (white eye) background;

    Tribolium Protamine gene Tc2-4 = TcProt1 = GLEAN 07670 or LOC663849

    TcProt1-GFP line

    • p ; pBac{3xP3-EGFP, ProtTc2-4-EGFP}20

    TcProt1-RFP line

    • p ; pBac{3xP3-EGFP, ProtTc2-4-mCherry}4A / +

    (This line is kept as heterozygous since homozygous transgenic chromosome is recessive lethal. Must be selected for presence of eye-GFP marker)


    Droge-Young, E. M., J. M. Belote, G. S. Perez and S. Pitnick. (2015) Mating system in uences on the mechanisms of postcopulatory sexual selection. Submitted.

    Handler, A.M., Harrell, R.A., 2000. Transformation of the Caribbean fruit y with a piggyBac transposon vector marked with polyubiquitin-regulated GFP. Insect Biochem. Mol. Bioi. 31,199-205.

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    Klemenz, R., Weber, U., and Gehring, W.J. (1987). The white gene as a marker in a new P-element vector for gene transfer in Drosophila. Nucleic Acids Res. 15, 3947–3959.

  • Download Resources:

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      Construction of the fluorescently tagged Protamines A and B

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      ProtamineB-GFP clone sequence

      ProtamineB-RFP clone sequence

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