Current Research


  • Sexual & Ecological Selection

    microevolutionary studies to reveal processes by which sexual and ecological selection shape adaptations to survive and reproduce
  • Diversification & Speciation

    macroevolutionary studies to discern patterns of reproductive and life history character evolution across lineages and the mechanisms by which new species form and are maintained
  • Evolutionary Genetics & Genomics

    studies to resolve the molecular and cellular underpinnings of reproductive and life history trait expression and diversification, along with their consequences for genomic organization
      • Diversification & Speciation
      • Alternative mating tactics in the yellow dung fly, Scathophaga stercoraria
      • Evolutionary causes and consequences of extreme polyandry in the red flour beetle, Tribolium castaneum
      • Genetic quality and the condition-dependence of sexual traits and preferences in Drosophila
      • The evolution of the touch-sensitive stigma in the Mimulus guttatus species complex
      • Allocation to reproductive and life history traits
      • Female and male function in wind pollinated plants
      • Plasticity of sex allocation in plants
      • Domestication and the functional evolution of chicken seminal fluid
      • Age-dependent dynamics of the sperm proteome
      • Paternal effects: spermatozoal RNA contribution to embryogenesis
      • Genomic organization and the evolution of gene regulation in spermatogenesis
      • Exploring the D. melanogaster female reproductive tract secretome
      • Copulatory courtship in insects
      • The evolution of sperm conjugation in diving beetles
      • Transitions in fertilization mode among plants and animals
      • Gamete size-number trade-offs
      • Ecological selection on female remating, sperm storage and use
      • Genotype-phenotype relationships for reproductive and life history traits
      • Phenotypic and genetic analyses of annual versus perennial life cycles in Mimulus
      • Comparative transcriptomics of seasonal cues for flowering in Mimulus guttatus
      • The role of a chromosomal inversion in local adaptation
      • Plasticity and ecological genetics of annual versus perennial life histories in Mimulus guttatus
      • Exploring the role of sperm as conveyers of male-derived substances within the female
      • Functional ramifications of post-translational modification of sperm using RNAi
      • Adaptive postcopulatory gene expression in the female reproductive tract
      • Mechanisms of sperm precedence, female fertilization bias and sexual compatibility in insects
      • Sperm and female reproductive tract diversification and coevolution
      • Molecular life history of sperm: sperm maturation and modification in the male and female reproductive tracts
      • Molecular and functional analyses of sperm heteromorphism in flies, beetles and butterflies
      • Proteomic consequences of sperm competition diversification in mice
      • Comparative genomics of reproductive and life history trait variation in Drosophila
      • Origin, evolution and function of de nov
      • male reproductive genes
      • The landscape of sexual selection in the Drosophila genome
      • Selection and QTL analysis of plant perenniality in the field
      • Pollen competition and pollen-female compatibility in animal and wind pollinated species of Thalictrum
      • Comparative pollen proteomes
      • Ejaculate diversification in avian speciation systems
      • Postmating, prezygotic reproductive isolating mechanisms in Drosophila
      • Geographic variation in the intensity sexual selection and reproductive diversification in Sepsis punctum