Summer Undergraduate Poster Presentation

Three summer undergraduates, Lauren Woolner, Stephanie Nguyen, and Henry Middleton, presented their research at the Summer Research Symposium at the ESF Gateway Center on August 8th.

Lauren Woolner

Title: Comparative Analysis of Copulatory Courtship Among Drosophila Species

Lauren, alongside postdoc Erin McCullough, has video-recorded and annotated all of the Drosophila species’ copulatory courtship behaviors thus far.

She has taken great pride and exceptional interest in her project, and plans to continue working in the lab through the Fall ’19 and Spring ’20 semesters.

Funding sources: NSF DEB, NSF EAGR, Undergraduate Research Center, SU Biology Department

Stephanie Nguyen

Title: Correlation of Longevity and Fecundity in Drosophila

Stephanie has been working in the lab from Fall ’18 through this summer. She has been involved with several aspects of research here, but this summer she has mainly been involved with measuring the longevity and fecundity of the Drosophila species. She takes great care of the flies, enjoys training new students, and cleaning up the lab.

Stephanie plans to continue doing research in the lab during the Fall ’19 and Spring ’20 semesters.

Funding sources: NSF DEB, NSF EAGR, Women in Science and Engineering, Undergraduate Research Center, SU Biology Department

Henry Middleton

Title: Microbiome patterns in Aedes aegypti mosquitoes transinfected with Wolbachia

Henry is a transplant from Cornell University, where he is going into his Junior year as a Computer Science Major. He has been working with Jane Pascar, a second year graduate student in the CRE, on a project looking at Wolbachia infections in mosquitoes. Henry has quickly picked up multiple computer languages, contributes greatly to lab meeting discussions, and shows an interest in applying his computer science skills to biological analyses.